Alan Maddox - Yellow Cross    

Simon Edwards - A moment in the sun      

Philip Trusttum - Chinese Mask      

Riduan Tomkins - Juggler       

Philip Trusttum - Gnomus       

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  • ARTSOURCE is a New Zealand based independent art broker and consultant. We source art from artists, galleries and auctions in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and internationally.
  • We specialise in art from New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific and can advise on buying and selling art of historical importance and work from senior established artists, as well as emerging artists. There is a growing interest in the art of younger emerging Maori and Polynesian artists, which we can advise on.
  • ARTSOURCE can find you the right painting, print, drawing, etching, photograph, sculpture, video or digital art. We can also source from the decorative arts, including glass, ceramics, tapestry, and all types of craft-work.
  • We work with interior designers, landscape designers, architects and lighting designers to best display your chosen art in your home, garden, or office. We find and advise on art for public and commercial buildings.
  • We can help you with the purchase of a single work of art or with the building of an entire art collection over an extended period.
  • You can buy art online from our selected artists and galleries with our secure server.
  • We can assist with valuation of art pieces, in establishing and negotiating price, and to avoid the dangers of internet art auctions, and the problems of art fraud or misattribution.
  • ARTSOURCE can guide you through the many and varied processes of an increasingly complex art market, targeting the right work for your specific needs.

Helen Calder - Bastille  2005    Acrylic on Alumium board


“Malcolm has a very discerning eye – honed over many years experience of looking at art”
Judith Gifford – Brooke Gifford Gallery.

“Malcolm has a highly developed eye, and the ability to know good art when he sees it”
John Huggins, Architect.