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Philip Trusttum -Prelude 5.30 am  


Philip Trusttum. Homage to Goya  2004.



Graham Sydney - Circus Tent   Oil on Canvas  1200 x 400


Riduan Tomkin. Figure on Blue Ground   Oil on canvas 750 x 900

Alan Maddox  - Pair of works on paper.1977

Gordon Crook - Mouse on a Penis - Oil on Hessian  12 x 11 inches


Gordon Crook - Tapestry  “Coming Home”   2m x 1470


Simon Edwards. Drift. 2005. Oil on Canvas. 620 x 495.

Sky series - Summit Track - Oil on canvas


Murray Grimsdale - Man with Cigarette - Acrylic on Paper 2005

480 x 570 framed /  image size 170 x 250



Murray Grimsdale - At the Beach 2005   Acrylic on Paper

480 x 570 framed /  image size 170 x 250

Helen Calder  Bastille  Diptych  05

Enamel on aluminium composite board  1200 x 2400mm

Helen Calder  Havana   

Enamel on aluminium composite board   1200 x 1200


Michel Tuffery  

Tangaroa Sanctuary

1.Tangaroa Conversion With Tui    500 X 1300mm


2.Tangaroa,Tangaroa,Tangaroa, Siva in Cook Strait   500 X 1950mm


3.Tangaroa ,Tangaroa ,Sanctuary Tasi Cook Strait     500 X 1950mm

4.Tangaroa,Tangaroa, Sanctuary, Lua Cook Strait      500 x 1950mm

5.Tangaroa,Tangaroa, Sanctuary, Tulu Cook Strait      600 X 1950mm

6.Tangaroa,Tangaroa,Tangaroa, Siva       500 x 1950mm


William Reed. Maori Girl c.1950 Oil on wood. 345 x 460


William Reed. Gathering Faggots c.1947 Oil on board 300 x 275


David Malangi - Bark Painting ( pigment on bark ) c 1950


Austen Deans    Peel Forest 1956

Olivier Spencer Bower  TAHUNA BAY  water colour.


Ian Ellingford. Paddington Terraces, Sydney c.1970 Watercolour on paper 450 x 345

Les Cleveland Photograph. Kennedy Memorial Car Museum, Las Vegas 1966.

Les Cleveland photograph. Adolf Hitler's Car. Imperial Hotel. Las Vegas 1995

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