Barry Cleavin - Bush and Levels of Reward     

Simon Edwards - Greener Pastures      

Philip Trusttum - Chinese Masks      

Riduan Tompkin - Juggler       

Philip Trusttum - Gnomus       


Art links

Christchurch Art Gallery Site for Christchurch's new gallery. Current exhibitions etc.

Museum of New Zealand. Te Papa

Great Buildings Online  Excellent architectural site.


Other links of personal interest

Hard News - Weblog of Russell Brown, always a good read.

Stanley Richards' Web page. Perceptive writings on archetypal psychology and some excellent links to James Hillman and others.

Vipassana Meditation

Site for Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N.Goenka. Links to centres all over the world and details of courses available.

KEA - Kiwi Expat Association. Interesting link to innovative New Zelanders.

Human Rights watch.